TV Series Dinosaurs Story Episode Tank From Jurassic

Title Film            : TV Series DINOSAURS STORY
Episode               : The Stronger Allosaurus
Type                    : CGi 3D Animated Film
Duration              : 5 Minute
Genre                  : Kids, Children and Family Movie
TV Program        : Kids , Children and Education
Production by      : DNS Animation Studio
Format                 : HD TV ( 16 : 9 )
Audio                  : Stereo
Sutradara             : Eddy Harjanto
Producer              : Eddy Harjanto
Language             : Character Dinosaurs
Film Type            : Fiction and Fantasy

Sinopsis               : When Ankylosaurus was in search of food and water, they must pass                                             through the area of predatory dinosaurs living. 
                               Ankylosaurus whose body is very strong and has a shell must also be                                           vigilant with this group of predators.
                               It turned out that Allosaurus ambushed them, but the Ankylosaurus group                                   resisted and  tried to run away from the predator.