Film TV Series Dinosaurs World Story Jurassic Era

Computer 3D animated TV film series with the theme of dinosaurs 175 million years Story of Jurassic era is coming soon in world TV Channel.
Dinosaur prehistoric animal with a giant body shape and possessed the characteristics and colors that are very different.
Remember Trex Predator giant dinosaurs and more.

Title Film           :  TV Series  Dinosaurs Story
Type                   : CGi 3D Animated Film
Duration             : 5 Minute
Episode              : 24 Episode
Genre                 : Kids, Children and Family Movie
TV Program       : Kids , Children and Education
Sutradara           : Eddy Harjanto
Producer            : Eddy Harjanto
Format               : HD TV ( 16 : 9 )
Audio                : Stereo
Production by    : DNS Animation Studio
Language          : Character Dinosaurs
Film Type         : Fiction and Fantasy

Sinopsis            : 
A film about the life of Dinosaurs in the Jurassic Age.
Stories about Tyrex, Raptor, Stegosaurus and others.
Setting the original life in the Jurassic era with natural forests and fantasy.

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