DNS Animation Studio

DNS Animation Studio Founded by Eddy Harjanto in 2007 under the name Space 3D Animation, then continued to experience development and changed to DNS Animation Studio. In 2010, we began developing animation with the motion capture method. DNS Studio continues to grow and is engaged in the Creative, Multimedia and Animation Film Industries. Some of the products produced are as follows:

1. The Dinosaur Story Film Series (Storytelling Film)
    Title         : Dinosaurs Story
    Type        : 3D Animated Film
    Gen Re    : Children and Family Movie
    Category : Science fiction
    Duration : 5 minutes
    Format     : HD
    Language : Character (Animal Expression)
    Music       : Backsound Illustration
    Episode    : 24 Episodes
    Production: DNS Animation Studio
    Director    : Eddy Harjanto
    Producer   : Eddy Harjanto
    Synopsis   : A film about the life of Dinosaurs in the Jurassic Age.
                       Stories about Tyrex, Raptor, Stegosaurus and others.
                       Setting the original life in the Jurassic era with natural forests and fantasy.

2. VR 360 Animated Film scientific theme "Solar System"
3. VR 360 animated film animal theme "The OWL Story"
4. VR 360 animated film animal theme "Shark A live"
5. SBS Films for 5D Cinema (Watch with 3D glasses)
6. Stock Footage Animation and Visual Graphics
7. Graphic Design Visualizations for books, comics, magazines and novels
8. Animated films for TVC promotions and advertisements
9. Jungle Children's Animated Film (on progress)
    and others

Website : https://www.dnsvirtual360.com/